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    stronger abrasive resistance
    new designed structure
    better sealing
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    horizontally shaped screw conveyor fixed on the lower end of the bin
    control panel which is useful for the horizontal screw conveyor
    vibrators and the inclined screw conveyor
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    Inclining and elevating with high friction or cleated belts
    Clean room environments
    Small or delicate part handling
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    made out of stainless steel or mild steel promising a dust free environment
    free flowing, non-free flowing as well as fragile and pre mixed products
    Scratch free and abrasion proof systems
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    for water treatment plants, gas storage and refrigeration
    High Performance
    Long Lasting life
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    advanced techniques and out-of-the box ideas
    we implement the latest technology
    unwanted cuts and steps
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What Is Pneucon ?

Best industrial and engineering practices are applied in all the projects. Established in the industrial hub of Ahmedabad, the company stands equipped with the most refined men and machines to deliver the best of technology and performance in the products.

Why Should you Buy Pneucon Product ?

PNEUCON since its inception has inherited a deep rooted value system which is inculcated in each of its members that are reflected in their day to day life. Stretching, setting aggressive goals, rewarding progress, yet understanding accountability & commitment.
- Having enormous energy & the ability to energize others.
- Living quality, driving cost & speed for competitive advantage.
- Being open to ideas from anywhere & committed to work things out.
- Seeing changes as opportunities.
- Maximizing performance & maintaining results.

Our Service: To respond you within 24 hours

We are passionate about extraordinary customer service. We provide complete support to our customers regardless of the age of their machines and where they are located. All technology updates will be fully retrofit table / replaceable onto existing machines to extend the life and investment of our customers' equipment. The heart of our commitment flows from our highly skilled people dedicated to the design, manufacture, sales and service of machineries. We provide the resources and working conditions to encourage the growth and development of every employee, so our employees, in turn, offer their full commitment and talent serving our customers.
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